TV Development

“Steve Allen is one of the brightest and most talented PR guys in the biz.  Over the years, I have produced several TV and radio shows including Leeza, Montel, A&E Biography and Dr. Laura.  He is the first person I think of when I am looking for experts and authors.” – Michelle Anton, Producer

With decades of experience and a wide variety of media contacts, Steve Allen Media specializes in expanding our clients’ audience by garnering media buzz around their work. We are thrilled to now offer our clients a unique and personalized approach to securing even greater television exposure.

Production companies and networks are always on the lookout for that charismatic psychic, passionate relationship expert, edgy therapist, etc. to develop a show around. Then, a few years back… epiphany! We work every day with the talented, leading-edge, TV savvy experts they could be looking for! So, we decided to open a new, unique service we call “TV Development.”

Because our clients have been featured on television, are media trained, and camera-friendly, many producers and casting directors have opened their doors to allow us to proudly showcase our clients’ expertise and discuss TV show possibilities.

More than 20 prominent production companies and TV showrunners are taking meetings with us in hopes of finding their next big personality. Many of our clients have signed working development agreements with these companies, and the numbers keep growing.

If you have envisioned your work, message, and personality infiltrating mainstream television, then our TV development services are a perfect addition to your campaign.

Your word is your wand. - Florence Scovel Shinn