Media Relations

“Steve Allen Media are passionate about their clients and work tirelessly on their behalf in a persistent, yet gracious manner. I’m always happy to take Steve’s call because he’s got interesting and unique clients to tell me about, plus he just makes the whole process enjoyable.” – Siobhan Schanda, Supervising Talent Producer, The Wendy Williams Show

Strategic campaign development

We craft and customize detailed campaigns designed with your unique message and audience in mind.


Crafting the message

We create proactive press releases, news alerts, and pitches that highlight your work to the media, as well as reactive pitches that peg your expertise to breaking news and current trends.


Media training

With over 30 years in the business, we provide you with tips and tools to hone your message and deliver it confidently. Whether it’s interviews, speaking engagements, or digital content, we’ve got you covered.

Placement in broadcast

Placement in broadcast, print, and online media

Our team has all the tools and relationships necessary to secure placement for you or your brand in the media. Whether it’s The SHERRI Show, CBS Mornings, Parents, Coast to Coast, or the LA Times, we amplify your message through tailored media placement.

Article placements

Article placements

Articles are placed strategically to reach your targeted audience. With a diverse database of media contacts in various fields, we’ll submit your article for feature in many outlets.


Media reels

We have a keen eye for what the media wants to see and can create a reel showcasing your expertise and unique personality.

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