Areas of Expertise

“A call from Steve Allen is like getting an invite to a great party with all the most interesting guests.” – Lisa Lyon, Ex. Producer, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
At Steve Allen Media our staff experience includes a wide range of fields, so we are able to put well-rounded people to work on your behalf…no matter what your business. But over the years we’ve developed special expertise in several fields. Below are the areas we know best, and a few of the clients we’ve enjoyed working with in each one.

i. The Dream Project- U.N. Millennium Goal educational Curriculum
ii. World Peace Caravan- Mideast Camel Caravan, Conference, and Concert for Peace
iii. GWEN- Global Women’s Empowerment Network
iv. Eric Herm- Sustainable Farmer, Author
v. CHIME IN- The Change is Me International
vi. LA Animal Save
vii. Moms Across America

viii. Philos-Sophia Initiative/Wolfgang Smith – Philosophy of Science 

Who waters you? You! – Steve Allen